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February 27, 2008


Yes - parenting can be frustrating no matter how you arrive at it. Own your feelings - work it, work it - work it good sister!

But yeah - I am constantly amazed at how much I expect myself to love every second of it sometimes just as much as some people expect me to as well.

I mean let's face it - the fact that you paid an awful lot in money, blood, sweat and tears to have the opportunity to have mac and cheese with hot dogs barfed all over you doesn't lessen the ick factor any . . . and it certainly doesn't make you any less of a mom.

Thanks for this great post. It's a good dose of reality for me that I'm going to struggle with motherhood, too. Once I get there... I'm very close to my 2 sisters and 3 nephews, and it's often very hard for me to hear that they are struggling, feeling frustrated or irritated with their kids. All I want to hear is how great it is - because I long for kids so much. Reading this post inspires compassion for what they're going through now, and hopefully I'll remember to save some of that compassion for myself when I need to close the door on a whiny little creature a few years from now.

I feel like the worlds worst mother all the time! Especially the middle of the night, wanting to eat moments of a 4 month old.....

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